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Wearing a proper school uniform is a part of school discipline.

Please adhere strictly to these regulations:
  • Student students should come in proper uniform and must wear ID cards and badges awarded daily.
  • Girls must wear the right length of skirt. They wear cycling shorts
  • Nails should be cut properly.
  • Boys should have neatly trimmed hair and girls should either cut their hair short or neatly tie up pigtails using red hair accessories (like red hair bands or red hair ribbons)
  • Fancy-tailored and flare-bottomed or baggy (with more than one pleat) trousers with extra pockets are not allowed.
  • No fancy hair clip nail paint or jewellery is allowed the school does not permit students to wear Kajal or body piercings
  • Students should wear only black shoes with dual Velcro closures and white sports shoes for Wednesday. (High heels and pointed toes are not allowed)

Office No

(+91) 9415378607
(+91) 7068181618

Zenith Public School – NH-28 Pipra Urf Titala Sukrauli, Hata Kushinagar, U.P.

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