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Dear Parents and Students,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Zenith Public School, a highly innovative and forward-thinking school dedicated to fostering a child's holistic development via a carefully calibrated combination of top-notch instruction and extracurricular activities, with a strong focus on traditional values.

True concept actualization is the pinnacle of intellectual success. Children can grow intellectually and acquire the qualities that will make them good people at our schools. Our schools have always been dedicated to instilling in every student the high moral principles of honesty, decency, compassion, and respect for all others. We believe that education should promote self-assurance, self-control, clarity in thinking, the capacity to define and accomplish goals, and, most importantly, social responsibility as a continuous process. Not only will you be a part of the nation's future, but also of the global future. As Spider-Man states, you will have enormous power and far more responsibility.

To the parents: Your ward has been given this wonderful opportunity to be a part of a legacy of 3 decades of educational excellence; please help them make the most of it. We appreciate the fact that our parent community is a partner in progress and a source of strength and support to help us excel in our endeavours.

By the grace of God, we pray that Zenith Public School will continue to accomplish new milestones and be the instrument of change, the torchbearer of innovation, always adopting path-breaking techniques, for a better and brighter tomorrow.

My dedication to this sacred duty is total and whole-hearted. In the responsibility bestowed on me, I would never allow myself to falter and with dignity and perseverance my pursuit will remain perfection. I will make the farthest possible effort to live up to the demands of my role in children's lives. Nothing is more valuable to me. I can't guarantee I will always be right, yet I need to be right more often than wrong.

Best Wishes,

Deepak Sharma

Office No

(+91) 9415378607
(+91) 7068181618

Zenith Public School – NH-28 Pipra Urf Titala Sukrauli, Hata Kushinagar, U.P.

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