NH-28 Pipra Urf Titala Sukrauli, Hata Kushinagar, U.P.

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School Library

The school library is equipped with a variety of resources ranging from various genres of books by different authors, magazines, journals and encyclopedias, the internet facility and electronic media like CDs and cassettes on different topics and subjects. We seek to introduce and immerse our children in the world of literature. This will naturally encourage our children to discover the beauty and complexity of the world beyond their own experience.

The school library is open to all bonafide students of the school during school hours. Each class is allotted at least one library period per week. The aim of the school library is to help students acquire the habit of reading. Parents are advised to motivate their ward(s) to cultivate the habit of reading and to make maximum use of this facility.


Office No

(+91) 9415378607
(+91) 7068181618

Zenith Public School – NH-28 Pipra Urf Titala Sukrauli, Hata Kushinagar, U.P.

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