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Welcome to our school lab!

Science Lab

We are proud to present our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities that meet the CBSE norms and standards. Our school lab is designed to provide our students with hands-on experience of scientific experiments, which enhance their understanding of various concepts and applications in everyday life.

Our school lab consists of separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology for Secondary and senior secondary level. Each laboratory is well-equipped with modern tools and equipment that help students get practical learning in various disciplines of science.

Computer Lab

Our school lab also has a computer laboratory with 40 computers with internet connectivity with good speed. The computer lab helps students learn various skills and technologies that are essential for the 21st century.

Our school lab follows the curricular expectations and guidelines of CBSE for conducting the experiments and assessments. Our school lab also inculcates values of honesty, integrity, cooperation, concern for life, and preservation of the environment among the students.


Office No

(+91) 9415378607
(+91) 7068181618

Zenith Public School – NH-28 Pipra Urf Titala Sukrauli, Hata Kushinagar, U.P.

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